For Love


And so some of us are known to be lovers of pictures in our homes.

Wait wait, before we go far, let’s get somethings clear. We ain’t slaying, in fact some of us ate pizza for the first time when we hit 24,we can’t twerk,and don’t know who the hell Huddah is!

In our rural homes, we don’t have electricity yet. That’s why when in shags, most of us are off cos we have to charge phones for the night.See? we cant slay in the darkness.

We own ordinary phones. The cheapest in the market. When we go shopping for it, we’d ask the seller,

‘Iko na WhatsApp? Camera si inafanya kazi? Na torch je?’ and we end up buying it.

Yeah, we love taking pictures. Not for IG, we don’t have accounts there. But for memories and good times.

Life is full of uncertainties, it’s easy for your bro to fly to USA anytime, or your favorite cousin can be transferred to North Eastern. Of course you can’t go to these places, so you’ll take their pictures while you’re still with them.

Have you ever lost someone close to you then you realize you didn’t take a picture with them? You feel like a failure, and wish time could turn back so that you do things right. Do it now.

A moment of silence for the departed souls of our loved ones. Our parents,uncles, aunts, siblings, grandparents, friends and relatives. May their souls continue resting in peace.

Thank you.

Talking of memories, these pictures help you keep tab. The kind of clothes, hairstyles, pose and such. We have those family members whom we can tell will wear booty shorts,those we know will remain innocent forever.The pictures help us see the transitions.

This is for those people who ask, ‘Mbona unapenda picha?’

For those people who are selfish on their pictures, shame on you. If someone is a friend or family they all deserve to be pictured, if you feel they aren’t cool enough, then you don’t deserve them at all.

Maybe the person you don’t appreciate now would one day be big and people will struggle just to take a picture of them, yet you had a chance but ukaringa.

Anyway, let’s all continue taking pictures even of our dogs, cos they’re family.

We take them for love,for our WhatsApp status(es),and above all because our phones have cameras!

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4 Responses

  1. Shannon W. Macheusi says:

    Nice piece Makoth! “Creativity”.

  2. lorde_kush says:

    your pieces always carry that extra ounce of creativity.kudos

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