Past-Stars (Part One)

He is always worrying. Not about himself, but, about others.
If you ask him the last time he had rest or time for himself, he’ll say, he can’t remember. You’ll find that weird because for you, all Sundays are set for rest and fun.
You rest on Sundays, call people whenever you feel like, choose to talk and ignore some people. You can talk about anything you want to your friend, without judgement.You can go to the bar, you can sneer at someone, you can click, you can ask someone for,’ Soh moja,nitakuridishia kesho!’and choose not to’ rudisha’.
You can urinate on the public walls. You can owe TALA money. You can eat pork. You can laugh loudly. You can ask for a lift. You can choose to forgive or not forgive. You can have Malaria. You can cough. You can choose to own a bible or not. You can hop from one church to another. You can listen to ‘Bend over’ song. You can twerk. You can sweat. You can lose or add weight. You can watch movies. You can listen to ‘Mpatanisho’ on Radio Jambo.
You can do anything and everything. Not because you are not a pastor but because you are a human being.
And so are pastors. They are human beings. They excrete excess water and mineral salts just like us. The have worms in their stomachs just like everyone. They feel pain. They love. They are bitten by mosquitoes. They have sleep. They have Red and white blood cells like us. They have favorite songs and artists. They also pray for forgiveness just like everyone else.
When we decide to talk to people or not, they have no choice but to speak to everyone, their phones are always ON, they are always giving to people. They always listen, they always help people solve problems, and they are always encouraging people. They are always on toes. When people give up on someone, they are the last resort.

But, do we really care how they feel or their well-being? The answer is NO! So, let us stop judging them when we see them in jeans and sneakers,or eating pork or singing along to a Rhumba song. At the end of the day, they are human beings, just like everyone else.
We should not expect them to be perfect until they go Past-Stars, as we look at them from the ground.
It’s only in Kenya where adding weight is associated with money, it is even worse for pastors. “ Ona vile amenona,anakula tu sadaka yetu!”
Wote tuseme Amen.
And sasa ni saa ya Sadaka!     .

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