Some of us were gonna be Lawyers

Not because we knew what lawyers did. But because the name lawyer sounds….huge.

We were raised to think big, and make big decisions.

Unfortunately life happened. Who knew writing was a career?

Imagine approaching your dad one evening, fingers crossed, with silent prayers. You clear your throat, wipe a sweat that is not even there then,




Another silence.  It then hits you, you are supposed to  use the word ‘Excuse me’

“Excuse me Baba.”


“Mimi  naona nataka kukua writer nikiwa mkubwa.”

He puts down the paper he was reading, remove his glasses ,then put on his sandals as if he wants to stand up. He doesn’t stand. Instead he looks past you as if searching for something or someone.

You can’t ask what is it or who is it.

After five minutes, he looks at you and asks,

“Wapi mtoto wangu?umepeleka wapi mtoto wangu?kwa sababu huyu amesimama hapa si wangu.”

“Ni mimi baba.”

As if addressing somebody else and not you,

“Mtoto wangu atakuwa daktari ama pilot akiwa mkubwa.”

End of story. He doesn’t even ask you why or how you plan to do it.

It is from such an environment that we grew up knowing we wanted to be big people. Pilot, Engineer, Neurosurgeon, Lawyer…name them.

Our parents of course wanted the best for us.

As the saying goes, time will tell. Time has enabled us to know we have potentials and our passions are far much different from what we had while young. It has taught us to be flexible and accept what life offers.

It doesn’t matter what kind of jobs we have, we do them wholeheartedly and  apologize to our  ‘Babas’ later, for not making to the theaters or planes or court rooms.




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