Those Kids

You remember those smart kids we used to school with back in primary and secondary?

Those kids who knew everything but won’t tell you a single thing.

You had to bribe them for them to help you explain the Value of (x) in Mathematics or why Lorries have many wheels.

At times you’d rely on them too much until you find yourself tightening for them their shoe laces yet you are on your bare feet.

The problem came in when they realize you needed them too much. They would manipulate you, use you and dump you when you need them most.

They made us feel that we are worthless and we can’t do anything.

Those kids are back. They are with us today.

Not as kids but as grown men and women who have kids and beards.

These people use people to get what they want and offer nothing in return.

If you show them you need them much, they’ll play hard to get and try to lure you to dance to their tune lest they leave you hanging.

They’ll tell the world how much you asked from them and how they bailed you out.

The good thing is, we aren’t kids anymore, we don’t need to know the value of (x), and we don’t care why Lorries have many wheels. We only care about ourselves.

Say no to such people and walk with those who are ready to walk with you.

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4 Responses

  1. TT says:

    interesting read. THOSE KIDS

  2. kush says:

    haha, those kids are no longer needed in our lives…good read

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