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About Eva’s Store

Your one stop shop for the latest in fashion trends and shoes… all this at an affordable pocket friendly price. Visit the store section to get yourself the latest offers

Latest shoes at affordable prices

We are launching our store soon. Find the latest classy shoes at affordable prices. We cater for all markets ..Men women and children. Fill free to  visit our store and make an order.

About Motherhood @ 21

Here at motherhood at 21,we explore the life of young college parents,their struggles and how they maintain their balance amidst all the chaos in their lives.

Moko Mattress

A good mattress is one of the most important factors to a good sleep. Moko mattresses in Kenya are a game changer in how we sleep. They are made using raw materials from Europe guaranteeing firmness. Moko Mattress offers the much-needed support while sleeping with twice as much density from...

6 Benefits of having an SSL Certificate for your Website

Evolution of the internet has brought about the need to increase security on websites as cybercriminals continue to upgrade their creativity. Cybersecurity continues to be a major challenge and organizations such as Google has been working hard to promote web security and they have been encouraging website owners to use...

About Wakaem’s

I’m Wakarima Mwangi, a writer passionate about Online Businesses. A blogger at looking forward to writing informative posts that can help my audience do better in their online hustles.

3 Reasons You Should Consider a .ke Domain Name

  Before you buy a domain, you should always consider the extension. Is it the right one for your website? .com being the most popular domain extension does not mean it is the most appropriate. There are benefits attached to considering a local domain extension. In this case .ke domain...

10 Ways to Choose a Domain Name for Your Start-Up

Choosing an appropriate domain name for your start-up business can pose a challenge. It requires a lot of consideration and thoughts as it is your business identity on the web. The name should be easy to find, fits your business. The following steps will help pick the perfect domain name...


A black PU leather tote bag fused with Ankara…It’s a multipurpose handbag as it can be used for either casual or official purposes… the color combinations give a sattle and confident look to any outfit it is spacious,durable, affordable and simple…and you know what they say about simplicity You can...

About Kito Chetu

Looking good automatically makes you feel good. Our goal at Kito chetu Creations, is to make everyone feel good with our African Themed bags for all occassions.. And you don’t have to worry about your pocket because all our bags are pocket friendly and affordable. Kindly visit our SHOP to...